There are many places that are worth visiting in Solf. Solf provides beautiful surroundings and environments worth seeing, a lot of nature and a church situated in the village center, Stundars craftsvillage which is widely known and the unique fields of Söderfjärden.
The bird life in Munsmo harbor and Söderfjärden is rich if you are interested in birds. There is a nice bird watching tower, from which one can look out over Söderfjärden. One way to get to the tower is along the popular hiking trail that begins at Stundars.
For those interested in art there are exhibitions at Stundars. Beside the pond in Munsmo there is an exhibition by Tapani Tammenpää and in Munsmo one can also visit Atelje Kaj.
In the old pump house next to Söderfjärden there is a photo exhibition describing the history of Söderfjärden.
Swimming pool (next to the school in the city center)
Trails / jogging track (at sports chalet in Västersolf)

Rink / ice rink

Sports field

Söderfjärden - Meteoria

Stundars museum

Studio Stundars

Bekanta dig även med t.ex. Solf lågstadieskola och kyrka.
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